Better Details for the Perfect Air Purification Now

Do you have enough fan speeds to select a more intensive or background air purification and reduce noise at night? Or do you want your air cleaner to have the maximum capacity – a timer for automatic cleaning in certain modes, air pollution sensors, a hygrometer (for humidity measurement), night lights, a disinfection function in the absence of people?

As you understand, all the extra “bells and whistles” are worth extra money, so decide immediately, we want you to have them, or you will not use them and will only be confused in a large number of buttons and modes.

It all depends on what you want to get:Some people in principle have the presence of all sorts of functions, but someone does not want to understand them. Therefore, decide immediately, so as not to regret later. For the best air purifier for cigarette smoke removal this is important now.

Tobacco smoke, any other smoke

Photocatalytic air cleaners – ionizers, it is better if they are with an electrostatic filter because it is easier to wash off the precipitated nicotine gums. If you choose a HEPA filter, you will have to change it frequently. Photocatalysis breaks down toxic elements of tobacco smoke, ionization scatters the smoke, and the electrostatic filter precipitates the resin and cleans it with microdoses of ozone.

Air cleaners – ozonizers decompose the smoke into harmless carbon dioxide and water.

  • Air washings are less effective, because do not have time to capture most of the smoke, rushing up, and water itself is not so effective from the smoke.
  • Air cleaners with carbon filters – also do not have a high degree of efficiency, because it is problematic to expel smoky air through the air cleaner body quickly (that the filter absorbs the smoke particles).
  • Unpleasant smells (automobile, industrial emissions from the window, the smell of kitchen, burning, rotting, from pets, finishing materials, office equipment, etc.)
  • Photocatalytic air cleaners – decompose any odours in the presence of people.
  • Air cleaners – ozonizers – oxidize and disintegrate any chemical and organic components in the air, including odors.

Air cleaners with carbon filters odor molecules are adsorbed in micropores on the surface of coal granules, but the efficiency of the carbon filter will be several times lower than the photocatalytic.

You should choose

Photocatalytic air cleaners are decontaminating, disinfecting air with the help of ultraviolet and photocatalysis reactions in which the majority of microbes, bacteria, and viruses die.

Air cleanersozonizers – the best choice, because Ozone is more effective than ultraviolet in 2-3 times, i.e., time for processing will go much less. In the standard mode, such devices are capable of decontaminating air by ionization.